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For those of you who don't know why you're here, this topic is designed to discuss and organise the idea of having a compilation CD of Hang music, with voluntary contributors from all over the world.

It is a strictly not-for-profit exercise on my part. The theory is to get contributors to offer tracks for the CD, and I will front the funds to produce a number of copies. Each contributing artist will get an equal share of the CD's to do with as they wish (sell, give away etc.)

I will try to cover the cost of CD production by selling my share of CD's when I busk with my Hang, which always attracts a lot of attention.

It is a great opportunity to show the diversity of what is out there in the Hang community and bring this love and passion we all have into a wider realm.

After the first run is completed and costs are recouperated, we could see if a second run could be made and if we should try to release it independently. I have a number of contacts who may help us to do this (a side-effect of helping to produce Music Fesitvals for the last two years!)

Any suggestions, help - greatly appreciated.

If you would like to contribute a song, please tell me where to find the WAVE file to download (44.1KHz CD quality only - NO MP3's unless it's the only option).
I also have a friend who does professional mastering (in Minneapolis of all places) who would probably do the CD mastering for us at no cost (he has a top notch suite and does artists such as a really good opprtunity there too).

Further info, discuss it here, or send me an e-mail

Thanks folks! Can't wait to get something together.


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Re: Hang Music CD Compilation

sounds great keep me posted smile Could add a track recorded at the hangout !

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Re: Hang Music CD Compilation

I for the first time heard a hand pan being played outside a natural food show in Anaheim, California last weekend.  Can anyone tell me where I can buy hand pan CDs?  I live in Seattle, Washington, USA.  My email address is

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