Topic: Changes afoot...

The forum has undergone an upgrade. Not that it really matters, as it is slowly dying away at Hangfan, though it does attract over 7,000 visitors a month - and growing - which is quite nice - because I'm not actively promoting it in any way.

Anyway, spamming has become an issue and they appear to be human beings not robots doing it (though it may be robots discovering the forums in the first instance).

They abuse their signatures to post links to random sites they are promoting in an attempt to get Google and similar search engines to respect and value these links in helping SEO (search engine optimisation) of sites. It's a cheap trick but it presumably works, and people spend all day and night joining forums and posting links.

Anyway, technical crap aside, it means I've disabled signatures for the moment for users and the system will automatically augment website links in your profile with an extra bit of text, (this is the other exploit they use). This means it's REALLY hard to create a live link to an external site if you're a user.

You can still write the website address, but Google won't see it as a link. This is a shame, but hey, it's better than removing 5 - 10 users a day.

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